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This in turn can cause severe human and environmental health impacts. Even some acids are released from these wastes in landfills leading to air and land pollution in heavy populated areas. The worst thing with the increase in numbers of these computers is the presence of materials like plastic, lead, mercury inside them.4 billion kgs of lead and 0. Its not too late to combine waste management in our life and train people on how to reduce the e-waste and e-pollutants. All the above listed components are extremely dangerous to human beings in many ways.

Other countries are just land filling or burning these wastes at Incineration plants which is an unhealthy process for our society.5 million kgs of mercury. Unsafe levels of E-wastes in our Day to day products Back in 2008 the total number of computers present in our world exceeds the billion counts.6 billion kgs of plastic, 1. The research specifies that one billion computers contain 5. Nowadays electronic gadgets has been most commonly used everywhere from schools to houses.E- Wastes commonly known as electronic wastes are nothing but discarded electrical equipments . As per predictions by world bodies it is said that this figures will increase by more than 100% resulting in 2 billion computers by 2015.

As a responsible citizen we can show our support by buying eco friendly electronic items released in the market . Disadvantages with the land filling The e-wastes discarded beneath the earth as landfills releases heavy non degradable metal components like lead, cadmium and mercury into atmosphere.

More over The flames emitted during the burning process emits high toxic components brominated dioxins and furans. Disadvantages with the Incineration Plants E-waste components in incineration plants results in the release of high toxic materials Hose reel Suppliers such as lead and mercury. Currently only countries with advanced recycling technologies are recycling these electronic wastes nowadays.

Another poisonous metal released from these electrical products, mercury can accumulate with the food cycle in a bad way. Other toxicants like dioxins and furans are released from the plastic material present in these electrical items.With the advancement in the recent technological innovations electronic goods are not anymore luxury items. Also possibilities are more for the ground water pollution from the contaminants produced from these electronic wastes generated.


My conclusion stands, that the earths outer crust layer is attracted towards the inner crust layer and vice versa, whereas the ECF can now act as an attraction or repulsion. This electromagnetic field also produces electrical fields and in turn, electrical charges are formed which create electrical forces.
. Newtons apple was attracted towards the inner (-) negative layer and NOT to the center of the earth as it is universally passed on to us. But I cannot tease myself anymore and remain a one-man band. I believe this is the misleading part which makes gravitational forces still a phenomenon.

So, one can conclude that gravity as we know it, does not exist because according to conventional science, the force of gravity always attracts – never repels, and it is mostly associated with forces towards the centre of the planet.

I feel the need to share. In the meantime, I continued my research work which included several experiments, pushing me one step forward every time.

It was in the year of 1990 when I first came round to write the definition of my theory on gravity. It will also open the possibilities for Levitation and Perpetual Motion.

Achieving levitation and harnessing gravitational forces are the central issues on Quick connector Manufacturers my mind.

Looking through this perspective it was not only the inner layer that pulled the apple but the attraction of two bodies which are the inner layer and the apple as being part of the outer layer – in other words, the attraction of two opposite ECF.

Since then, my studies focused on viewing the National Geographic and Discovery TV channels while challenging my own theory as years went by.

So, here is my theory (in a nutshell), hoping to attract as many bees as possible.

This is what gravity is all about: Electrically Charged Forces – ECF

Now, let us assume that earth is like a gigantic sphere capacitor.

Traveling in outer space without the scientific knowledge of what gravity really is about is like a fish trying to swim on dry land.

It is a fact that positive and negative charges attract each other. The crust consists of three layers: an outer layer that is charged (+) positive; a mantel (middle) which serves as a dielectric; and an inner layer charged (-) negative.

Lets start with the earths core. The earths core with its nuclear generator keeps our planet (huge capacitor) charged.

This might be the key to open new horizons, and for scientists to rethink gravity.Do you know that with all the Hi-Tech available today, we still do not have a scientific proof of what gravity is all about?

Could both Einstein and Newton got it half-way wrong about gravity and we are stuck with their theories because academic institutions had nothing else to offer?

I consider myself as another Faraday.

This creates a huge electromagnetic field, where as we all know, produces the North and South Poles


Cooking with solar energy is also considered extremely healthy.

Hydro energy solutions: The hydro energy or water energy is an effective renewable energy. Non-renewable sources being renewable are about to get extinct.

Windmills and wind turbines have never been pass. Families have started employing solar energy as a power solution at their homes. With the advancement of technology, the sun’s energy can be used to create other forms of energy.

Wind energy solutions: Windmills were in existence even in the years before the birth of Christ. An excellent renewable source of energy, the wind energy will go a long way in promising a good future to generations to come. Renewable energy solutions refer to those energy solutions that can keep churning energy without exhausting the resources. They helped tow boats and pump water. You can employ solar power solutions at home. Wind energy can help generate tonnes of megawatts of electricity.

The solar energy systems have many advantages apart from being cost-effective and environment-friendly. They are low on maintenance thus saving your time and effort.

Solar energy solutions: The sun’s energy is the most abundant energy available on earth.energy4green. One can convert the hydro energy into electrical energy to run vehicles and various electrical appliances. When employed at individual estates, it can help do away with conventional power sources. This will not only cut down power bills but also help you contribute to a greener world. Make use of this free energy.

The sun has always been a source of heat energy and light energy. Hydro energy is typically generated on a large scale.With the world slowly moving to the much-dreaded energy crisis, it is important that we reduce our dependency on non-renewable sources of energy. Also, solar systems give you a return on investment very soon, thus making the systems free after some time.

Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your power bill.com
. Solar power solutions comprise of solar cookers, solar heating systems, solar lighting systems, solar dryers etc. It has been estimated that 90 percent of the electrical energy produced by renewable resources is produced solely by hydro power.

There have been some concerns about using this energy because it is supposed to adversely affect the water-borne flora and fauna. Water wand Manufacturers Dams are built to help generate electricity by tapping the water power. Eventually, post-industrialization, they became a source for generating electricity. Get our complete guide at www. Three types of energy solutions fall into the category of renewable energy solutions: solar energy solutions, hydro energy solutions, and wind energy solutions


If you don’t box the bike, make sure to drape plastic wrap on top of it while it is in storage.

Bikes – Clean and lubricate your bike before you pack it. However, wrapping and safely in bubble wrap or foam is okay too. They are the best ones to use again.

Refrigerators and Freezers – Leave yourself about three days for defrosting and cleaning.
.Greetings! Here are some more excellent ideas on how to pack your appliances and ranch items for storage.

Washing Machines – Drain and remove all water from tub and hoses. Ideally bikes should be further dismantled and boxed Water Spray gun Manufacturers to protect them during a move.

Electronic Equipment – Ideally, you still have the original boxes. Brace tub to prevent damage during moving by wedging padding between the tub and the sides of the washer. Drawn picture or take a photo of where the cables go and store it inside the same box as the piece of equipment. don’t forget to disconnect batteries, too. Secure spring mounted motors.

Stove – After the stove has been cleaned and disconnected, remove all of the pans and racks and wrapped them separately.

To begin, make sure that your large appliances are clean, dry and that all moving pieces are securely fastened.

Dishwashers – Again, make sure that all water has been drained from the hoses and the interior of the dishwasher. During the move you can use the inside to store lightweight items such as pillows or stuffed toys.

Sports Equipment – Small items like balls, rackets and shoes can easily fit into moderate or small boxes without any problems at all. The plastic will keep the bike clean while in storage and help you avoid problems resulting from dust buildup. Remove all knobs from appliances and put them in a zip lock bag, label the bag and tape it to the appliance. Bigger items like skis and snowboards can be stored without any additional packing whatsoever; however if you’d like a to keep the dust off them, put them in a large plastic mattress bag. Bundle all the rakes, hoes and shovels together with twine or tape.

Garage – You should drain all gasoline and oil from your machines. Make sure your smaller appliances are cleaned as well and, as long as they are well protected with padding, they can be packed together in a box. Make sure all movable parts are wrapped or taped so that their secure during the move. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to hook it back up again. Finally, if you’re worried about the burners or elements, you can use some tape to hold them in place.

Tape electrical cords to the appliances to keep them from getting lost or tangled. Tape the doors shut during the move but, while in storage, the doors need to be kept slightly open to prevent mildew. Then remove the pedals and seat and turn the handlebars in